How To Watch Hulu In Canada With Unblock US

by admin on May 8, 2012

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If you want to watch Hulu in Canada, you may try the method written in my previous post. But it is kinda uncertain as it require some workaround in your Firefox to trick Hulu to bypass the restriction. So far it works on Firefox on Mac only.

How To Watch Hulu In Canada

Watch Hulu Outside US with iPad and iPhone

What if you want to enable other PC, or iPad to watch Hulu Plus? There is a smarter way to do it and cost a few bucks a month. I have done research and find this website with great information on how to sign up an account with Hulu Plus from Canada, and how to watch Hulu in Canada as well. The service called Unblock Us not only enable you to access Hulu from Canada, you may make use of it to unblock Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, etc. For a detail list of service, check their website for details. It cost you 5 bucks a month only.

What is Unblock US?

Unblock Us is a DNS solution that give you the address to unblock Hulu, Netflix, etc. The setup is very easy compared with the Firefox extension method. You are to simply enter the supplied DNS server address in your PC, Mac or iPad and you are ready to go. If you have multiple devices at home, you can even setup the DNS address in your internet router so all devices could be unblocked in one shot. Unblock US provide detailed setup guide on many type of devices. Click here to learn the details.

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